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Drags Aloud at the Movies


"the clapping and cheers at the end were deafening"

I have to admit that I have never seen a Drag show before and only had a vague idea what to expect from things I had heard from friends who have been before. Happily I was surprised at what I saw and ended up having a really fun and memorable night out.

As you would expect the costumes were stunning and beautifully made, the music was loud and the dancing well choreographed. The audience began clapping and singing along from the moment the first song began and did not stop clapping till the end. The songs were held together by the theme of the movies, a video was projected onto the wall that showed clips of discussions about specific films and whether or not they should be performed in the show. The ones that made it through the discussion made it onto the stage. The characters created for the video were very different from the characters portrayed on the stage and this demonstrated the versatility of the performers. Some clips were funnier than others but all of them helped to keep the theme of the show firmly in the mind of the audience.

Highlights for me, were the use of the Wizard of Oz and of Mary Poppins, these two sections really got the audience going and the clapping and cheers at the end were deafening. There were also a couple of songs that, I have been reliably informed by a friend, are more regularly performed in drag acts and were full of sparkle, long legs and jazz hands.

The dialogue between Jessica James and the audience at the end of the show also demonstrated the group's experience dealing with the public and also allowed the audience to show their appreciation for the very talented group before them.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Vile

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2010


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