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Drags Aloud at the Movies

Adelaide Advertiser

" a fizzy and colourful late-night treat"

THE shabby ambience of Le Cascadeur is an ideal setting for four very talented artist(e)s. who put the stilettos into classic films.

The music is a clever blend of movie tunes and disco hits. There are video clips, with a new set of characters commenting on the movies and covering the costume changes. It must be hell backstage.

The costumes, especially the Wizard of Oz numbers, are suitably sequin-enriched. Mary Poppins and the Muppets are also on the hit list, with that movie about the liner and the iceberg getting done over rather nicely. This is a fizzy and colourful late-night treat in the Garden.

Adelaide Fringe Festival March 2009

Review by Ewart Shaw


Adelaide Now (Adelaide Advertiser Online)


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